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Com-Central 9: HOT NEWS!

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HOT NEWS! NEW JG300 Pigsty Scenery for FSX/Prepar3D Released!
Posted by JG300-Stoopy on Sunday, October 20, 2013 (02:09:17) (14852 reads)

The prolific and gracious Freiherr_Kiefer has outdone himself this time, and has created a stunning and *quite expansive* new scenery that achieves what once was thought to be beyond reach - a new JG300 Pigsty scenery for Orcas Island (and surrounding vicinity) for FSX or Prepar3D!

This expansive and entertaining scenery package includes new additions and objects for the KORS airfield as well as many of the surrounding islands in the immediate area, and is very much worth checking out - please see the FSX/Prepar3D download section.

Our greatest thanks to the author, Freiherr_Kiefer, for such a wonderful and smelly place to stink up in sty'le!

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HOT NEWS! Our Screenshot Contest is UNDERWAY!!
Posted by Shadow_Bshwackr on Saturday, June 24, 2006 (16:50:49) (3658 reads)

It's been in the works for a while and now it's finally underway! What are we talking about? The "Screenshot Contest" at!!

We're excited about this new contest and the 'screenies' are already rolling in! You can submit your own screenshot or vote on other screenshot's and yes, you can vote for you own too!

The top screenshot of the month will be put on a forum for all to see and be included on our Com-Central Calendar for year 2007 which you can use as a background on your computer! These pics are the best of the best and you can be assured of getting a great calendar for 2007!

What does all this cost? Staying in CC tradition, it's FREE!! (BIG SMILE)

We have a forum set up that has the rules and tips for taking great screenshots as well as a our moderator Hangman to run it. (Don't tell Hangman, but he does a great job!) The hardest part of his job is making the final decisions on all the great screenshot that'll be submitted!

To go to the screenshot forum: Click HERE!

To see the Sceenshot's already submitted:Click HERE!

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HOT NEWS! Beechcraft D18S Amphibian updated ! v2 released
Posted by Uhu_Fledermaus on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 (23:02:24) (4213 reads)

Now available at our Downloads section the updated v2!!
This wonderfull Aircraft by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, André Folkers and Urs Burkhardt.

be carefull it's very HOT !! Wink


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HOT NEWS! International Conflict update
Posted by Kitform on Friday, May 12, 2006 (03:32:12) (3432 reads)

International Conflict Update!!!

New update available...
One for existing users and one for new installs...

New stuff (by no means a complete list):
-New howitzer model, takes the place of the old APC+tank turret contraption
-Driveable cannon boat with 2 tank-turret power guns, 50cal guns, and an armory below deck
-Set of OH58 helicopters (with loadouts such as transport, minigun, etc.)
-Medevil castle set
-MASH tent that has respawning med pack inside (good for COOP)
-Set of barn buildings
-Gas station, playground
-Sewer tunnel system
-Large star field
-Anti aircraft artillery
-Snow scooter fixed and now available within NILE
-Large warehouse buildings
-Large crane
-More foilage
-Bot AI's modified to move differently. See the do*****entation in JO/expansion/ic/docs for details and description for map makers.
-Decorations such as traffic signs, parked trailers, gravestones, a climbable fast rope
-Absolute dark environment file (turn that gamma up all you want, you wont see jack)
-Environment files more suited for desert terrains
-Multi-colored smoke grenades available by repeatedly pressing your smoke grenade key

More here...

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HOT NEWS! Tips and Tricks #21 is out!
Posted by Shadow_Bshwackr on Saturday, April 01, 2006 (17:35:34) (3305 reads)

Tips and Tricks Number 21 - April 2006 Edition.

This issue includes a brief introduction to online flying with a partner, as well as several new ideas to enhance your flying experience. Of special interest is a segment which explains "How to make a backup DVD FS2004 installation disk" plus several other useful ideas and links to helpful utilities. Included is the popular "From the E-Mail Bag" department which answers a question of general interest and a section describing an aircraft of Historical interest.

Available NOW! in our Download Section or by Direct Link!

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HOT NEWS! Com-Central's Evironmental pack for fs9 v2.06
Posted by Uhu_Fledermaus on Saturday, February 25, 2006 (00:51:52) (3021 reads)


The Com-Central r & d team is proud to present to our members the following addition to make life in fs9 even more enjoyable Laughing

What does it do ?

Well you could say that after have lived with the stock scenery and environment from the original fs9 it will change the appearance a wee bit, we have tinkered around for almost a year to get this to the state it now is and we think that it touches the limits of what is achievable within the limitations of fs9 with the nowadays systems.
Without letting the cat out of the bag, we think you will like this very much and also will contribute greatly to your enjoyment while flying in fs9.

the Guinee piggie's that tested this file :


and as far as we know, they still fly around to enjoy it ! lol Wink

GREAT THANKX to these real daredevils that went in it at the deep end on my request !
THANKX fella's !

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HOT NEWS! FS Economy! New concept for FS2004!
Posted by Shadow_Bshwackr on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 (19:23:41) (3951 reads)

SS_Harry wrote:
I had a quick look through these forums and didn't see this anywhere...

Here's how it works .. you register (for free), download the small unobtrusive program (for free) then goto the site, pick an assignment and an aircraft, fly it, get paid and then do it all over again. Simple (and free).

If you love bush flying, then this will give you reason to fly (i've been trying for the last few days to make enough cash to buy my first plane). The largest aircraft it supports is the DC 3 or beach1900 so there's no jets and no really long haul stuff here. all i can say is head to the site, have a look and let me know what you think.

Talk about it on the Forums: Click HERE!

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HOT NEWS! Fogie Field! Scenery for FS2004 is ready!
Posted by Shadow_Bshwackr on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 (19:20:21) (3354 reads)

That's right! FF_RacerXXX has put the finishing touches on KFHO in the western part of Virginia. And one heck of a job too! Kudos to Racer for a really nice airport.
Come join us at KFBH the Fogie beach house in Alaska for some air races around the island. Pylons are lit for night racing too.
Get the scenery pack HERE
check out some pics HERE

Talk about it on our forums:Click HERE!

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Posted by NS38th_Aristaeus on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 (11:47:22) (4837 reads)

Last chance to play these great CD-ROM games on-line with friends! At the end of January 2006, the following games will be leaving the MSN Games website.

· Axis and Allies
· Combat Flight Simulator
· Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theater
· Crimson Skies
· Flight Simulator 2002
· Heroes of Might and Magic III
· Kasparov Chessmate
· Mechcommander 2
· Outlaws
· Risk II
· Scrabble 1
· Scrabble 2
· Total Annihilation
. ZoneLAN – DirectPlay

But until then, battles and competitions will continue to rage; play again or for the first time. And when the dust and wreckage has settled and the games are gone, we encourage you and your friends to play our free web games!

The above is fm msn games news which was posted by SS_Harry in the CFS1 forum.


Those of us in the Zone community need to find an alternate means of continuing to fly these great games.
Post any ideas in the CFS1 or CFS2 forums here at Com-Central.


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HOT NEWS! September 2005 Calendar is now available
Posted by 401RCAF_HitMan on Thursday, September 01, 2005 (13:01:07) (3287 reads)

The September 2005 Calendar is now available..this month's pic is of the Com-Central Airlines Bush Flying Division's new Junkers JU-52

Get it here CC Calendar

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